Who owns the products on Opentrade?

Opentrade operates an industrial chemicals marketing platform for manufacturers, distributors and processors to market their products online.  All of the products displayed on Opentrade’s website are owned and stocked by our vendor partners.  Opentrade does not own any of the products therefore do not compete with our vendor partners.

What types of products are available on Opentrade’s website?

Opentrade markets thermo engineering plastics and industrial chemicals for B2B production or use.  Generally, we have these categories of industrial chemicals:

  1. Thermoplastics
    • PBT
    • PC
    • ABS
    • mPPO/mPPE
    • PA
  2. Acids
  3. Surfactants
  4. Additives – products used to enhance/improve the product
  5. Intermediates – products used as a precursor for the finished products

We will add more product categories as they become available on our site.

Who ensures the quality of the products on Opentrade?

Please refer to our Terms of Service.  Products and offers on Opentrade’s website belongs to our vendor partners.  While Opentrade will facilitate the commercial transaction, the physical fulfilment will be completed by the Vendor Partner and Buyer.  For avoidance of doubt, Opentrade assumes no liability with respect to the quality of the products or offers sold by our vendor partners to customers.

Who are Opentrade’s Vednor Partners?

Opentrade is an open platform for chemical manufacturers, distributors and processors to market their products, “inventory,” on our website.  To become a Vendor Partner, a company must create an an account and complete a Registration form.  To ensure product quality, product stewardship and offer integrity, Opentrade will only allow companies who have a completed Registration form to become a Vendor Partner on our website.

What are the terms of price?

All prices listed on Opentrade’s website are FOB (“free on board”) at specified location.

Price is per lb/kg, based on one unit of packaging (bag, one drum, one supersack, etc.)  If you would like a quote for more than one unit, then you may contact us for more information.  We will reply to you question promptly.

What is the process to place purchase orders, offers or request more information with Opentrade?

Registered users may submit purchase orders, offers or request more information.  To register your company and user, please click registration

Upon finding a suitable product, a buyer may login to Opentrade account add the product to the Cart.  From the Cart page, a buyer may:

  • Send Purchase Order (PO) – if available, include purchase order via PDF
  • Send Offer – provide an offer price with adjusted quantity
  • Request Information – send us a request for information

What is the process to edit and/or cancel purchase orders?

Once the distributor confirms acceptance of customer’s purchase order, which will include a date and time for pick-up or delivery, then the transaction is considered confirmed and enters into the “Locked Phase.”

If the pickup or delivery date is WITHIN 48 hours (business days), then the customer may not edit or cancel the purchase order.

If the pickup or delivery date is GREATER THAN 48 hours (business days) then the customer may contact Opentrade to edit or cancel the order.  Opentrade would relay this information to the supplier partner to confirm change or cancellation.

With your PO number, our customer service team could help you edit or cancel the PO.  Simply contact us via email at or by phone at +1 (425) 209-8485.

Are there any fees for using your service?

There are no fees for companies and its buyers to use our website to find products or “Offers.”  Companies could also post Offers on our website free of charge.  Opentrade charge a nominal fee for listing products on our website.